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Your Majesty-Why don’t you pop in (again 😉) for a coffee before the big day 👑

Today is the day!! The King’s coronation! Prince Charles the third will be formally crowned King at Westminster Abbey and the world is watching. In case you missed it this week, ahead of the event, the King has announced a replacement dish for the traditional coronation chicken- a quiche! A vegetarian coronation dish rather than poultry! King Charles has shared the recipe on his official social media accounts for a ‘Coronation Quiche’ which is set to be 2023’s version of the staple coronation dish. The tart is veggie and made with broad beans, tarragon and spinach, as well as plenty of cheddar cheese. It’s thought to be a plant-based version of one of Charles’s late mother’s favourite dishes, which allegedly appeared on afternoon tea platters at Buckingham Palace for years. Charles has previously spoken about the environmental impact of meat consumption, so it’s unsurprising he’s gone for a meat-free option.

- We love to see it!

King Charles III & Camilla, Queen Consort - The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham - mockup
King Charles III & Camilla, Queen Consort - The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham - mockup

Queen Elizabeth reigned for almost 71 years (the longest serving monarch in English history) and throughout this time had some pretty major accomplishments. She modernized the monarchy, was a reliable and steady monarch, formed a commonwealth and contributed to billions of pounds worth of charity work. May she Rest In Peace. There looks to be some changes to the monarch to come with Charles reigning that we are excited about… Firstly, he is looking to hire a vegan chef at Buckingham Palace!! Charles is in the market to employ a live-in sous chef trained in the vegan arts to prepare his meals. He has turned to avoiding eating meat, fish and dairy on certain days of the week due to environmental concerns. In a 2021 interview with the BBC, he gave some insight into his diet, saying:

“The business of what we eat of course is important.” He has said “Now I mean that’s one way to do it – if more did that you would reduce a lot of the pressure on the environment and everything else.”

Essentially, he eats vegetarian two days a week and vegan for one. 3 out of 7 is a good start and something that I’m hoping the country will see and imitate! I’ve been reading more about Charles and his views and opinions (I can’t lie, I haven’t been interested before now) for this blog post and have found that he has been passionate about saving the planet since he was a young boy. As prince he used his position to champion climate change and stood as a key figure during COP26 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference) last year. He spoke in front of world leaders at the opening ceremony, issuing an urgent call for action:

‘I can only urge you, as the world’s decision-makers, to find practical ways of overcoming differences so we can all get down to work, together, to rescue this precious planet and save the threatened future of our young people.’ I second this.

At COP26, he outlined some recent swaps he had made, including switching the heating of Birkhall to biomass boilers and installing solar panels at Clarence House. He also revealed, interestingly, that he had his Aston Martin converted to run on bioethanol made from cheese and wine. Interesting! Back in the 80’s, he began transforming his Gloucestershire estate into an organic haven. It became a success and has now become a business called Duchy Organic which sells its produce in Waitrose. All profits go towards charitable causes. It looks stunning!

King Charles III, The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham
King Charles III, The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham

In 2020, Charles established the Sustainable Markets Initiative, aiming to kickstart action towards a greener future, encouraging the private sector to accelerate their efforts. Now, more than 500 CEOs are part of the initiative, including the heads of some of the world’s biggest financial institutions. I have also learned that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, follow a vegan diet during the week, with Meghan only eating organic food it has been reported. Yay!! Change is coming and the royals are on the right track. We hope you all have a lovely coronation day today- whatever you are doing, celebrating or having a regular day. We can’t wait to welcome you back into The SK tomorrow and hear all about it! Mols & the team x Sources: [ ]

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