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🥳 We Got The Keys!!! 🔑

Updated: May 31, 2022

Hi everyone!! We hope that this blog post finds you well! We are ever so exited to confirm that the day has come! and we have received the keys for the premises 🥹🎉

We have been waiting for so long for this day! And now we have the keys! So let's the "show" begin!

Who's with us? 🥳

Rik has officially limited his other commitments in the area of nutrition and private cheffing in order to put his undivided attention to The Sustainable Kitchen.😃

What does that mean, you may wonder? Well... We are now officially full-time “directors” of the Sustainable Kitchen with no other distractions! We are here for you! Perfecting the dream each day - one step at a time.

We are looking forward to spoiling you when we open ( still as planed July 2022, exact date will be announced soon )☺️

From tomorrow we look into our potential suppliers - making decisions on what's the best for Bingham and our dear mother Earth 😉♻️

Rik de Raynor & Tim Novak - The SK outside area
Rik de Raynor & Tim Novak - The SK outside area


On Everyone‘s Mind

We are aware of the current economic situation, which must be challenging for all of you as much as it is for us, both on a personal level and as a brand new business.

But we also honestly believe that if we do keep together, we will survive this stormy weather. Keep in mind that after each storm, there's always sun. ☀️

Therefore smile, keep going - all will get better, it always does.😎

Speaking of the sun - did you know that our rear side patio area is a huge suntrap!

Key to The Sustainable Kitchen
Key to The Sustainable Kitchen

So throughout the summer, you will be able to enjoy the sun with a nice drink in your hand and healthy - sustainable food; whilst we put the world to right!- why not, as life is " too short" after all. 😌

Once again, Rik and I would like to thank you all for the positive energy and feedback we keep on receiving! We love Bingham! We are touched by every passing individual who's just as excited as we are for the Sustainable era that we're so privileged to be a part of.

Check out the little video bellow of Rik ”trying” to open the front doors for the first time! 🎉🤣

and as always,

stay safe and sustainable (as much as you can)



Creative Director

The Sustainable Kitchen

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