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We are turning over a new leaf! More rewards to be redeemed.

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Ok so, hey! Lots to mention here so please buckle up.

One for all my loyal leaf collectors and those interested in signing up.

In March we launched our loyalty scheme here at The SK and wanted to reward our customers for every purchase they made here because we appreciate you all so much!

I can say for certain that it’s been a learning curve for all of us here, definitely for Tim and I who created it. We want to be different from every other cafe/restaurant out there in terms of rewards and ensure that everyone feels like there is something on offer for them that they would like.

We initially set the system up as for every £5 spent, you would earn one leaf. In hindsight, this amount, along with the amount of leaves that you needed to redeem a reward was unrealistic. I can admit that.

On Tuesday, I amended the system and it is now LEAVES FOR EVERYONE, REWARDS FOR EVERYONE. RUN RUN RUN.

What’s new?

You will now earn one leaf for every £3 spent. This means that all of you who just come in for your daily coffee fix can earn a leaf and after 10, have a free one on us!

The rewards we have on offer are:

10 Leaves- Your choice of a free tea, coffee or hot chocolate

20 Leaves- Your choice of Matcha - iced or hot!*

40 Leaves- Your choice of any item off our Breakfast menu

60 Leaves- A 200g bag of our lovely, sustainable B&W Coffee*

60 Leaves- A free box of 15 Bird & Blend tea bags!*

75 Leaves - The Sustainable Kitchen Travel Mug*

80 Leaves- 30 minute consultation with our head chef and nutritionist, Rik de Raynor.*

100 Leaves- Your choice of 2 main menu items (Treat someone)

We are also looking into adding a free slice of any of our cakes for your birthday- just working out the logistics for proof of DOB. I guess passport or driving license. Stay tuned.

But, yeah! The spending amount for the leaves has changed, the amount of leaves needed to redeem a reward has changed (lowered) and we have added a couple of new ones. We are including our tea lovers with a box of Bird & Blend tea bags on offer (the 5 options we have on our shelves), free matcha and also a 30 minute consultation with our main man, Rik. He is a qualified nutritionist, absolutely filled to the brim with knowledge and advice on how to live sustainably/eat a varied plant based diet without compromising on nutrition and knowing what your body needs.

Of course, we will still be reviewing these regularly and are always looking for suggestions, so if there is a reward that would like to see added, please do let me know and I can do some wish granting xoxo

(for more information on our loyalty leaf scheme, please see my previous blog from when we launched back in March - :)


- Mols 🌱

* Subject to availability, the offer is valid from: 11.08.23 until 11.08.24. rewards “leaves” not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. The above offers is exclusive to our customers - However, The SK has the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

The SK - Mols & Tim
The SK - Mols

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1 Comment

Hi Sustainable Kitchen,

Congratulations on passing the 1 yr milestone!

Since happily discovering you by chance earlier this yr I have returned three times & introduced five SK virgins! Three of my four visits have been by bus. I‘m into sustainability & love your approach to healthful, sustainable food. However, as I don’t have a smart phone I don’t qualify for your green leaf rewards. I will return regardless of not getting a free cuppa from time to time but I would like you to come up with a creative solution so that I & anyone similar are not discriminated against. I’d happily bring my own ’ loyalty ‘ card for you to sign for example.

Best wishes



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