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Another Site Visit - But now with a plan!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Hey, Hi, Hello Bingham!

Mood Board
The Sustainable Kitchen - MoodBoard

Hope you are all keeping well and somehow adapting to the ever-changing and sad world circumstances. We never thought that after just coming out out of the covid pandemic and planning our opening that we would hear such sad news of the war in Ukraine!

This is especially close to my heart as I have grown up and "found my feet" in Poland but at the same time I am ever so proud of the ongoing kindness and humanity that my fellow Polish nationals are showing! Well done you all!! It warms my heart how each one of us put their strengths to help less fortunate ones. Together, I truly hope that this terrible situation will unite us all as a humankind and as a result save the planet - by simply being conscious of others and the needs of the planet…

So even though this post is supposed to be all about our last site visit and all the exiteing news - there is no way I can simply not mention the current pain I, and all of us feel.

Therefore, I would just like to say that my fiancé and I are supporting Ukraine and we will do whatever we can to support and help the individuals effected by this terrible and inhuman act.

Now that I have said my piece, let me get back to the topic of this post! - Have a look at the mood board - So here is where the history starts - from one image of a general idea 😃

So, we have a plan put in place and an amazing site manager and designer ready to ”jump in“ and make our dream happen. On the pictures below you can see the current plan of the layout and Rik directing and explaining the layout.

Rik and I are super duper thrilled that we can add to Bingham's high street by introducing you all to the sustainable way of living for our planet and for our future! - I better stop now :P as Rik will say " Tim - don't get too preachy” and, well, he’s right :)

Rik and I absolutely love this little haven called Bingham and it's been our "go to place" for a long while.

We both live in Cropwell Butler just a few minutes from Bingham. When the weather is favourable, we love to take Rocco for a peaceful town walk.

All I’m going to say then, come and see it- for yourselves. We cant wait to meet you!

… Stay tuned and you will see the exclusive independent development of our sustainable place!

- stay healthy and safe.


Creative Director

The Sustainable Kitchen

Rik & Tim from The Sustainable Kitchen
Me & Rik - Searching for a right property in Bingham - 02/08/21

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