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The site visit + a bit about our food & drink- Church Street | Bingham

Hi there everyone, I hope that this second post will find you well.

Let me just say that we are ever so thrilled to see all of the of the positive energy and enthusiasm for our sustainable business and our first blog post. Truly! We are so touched by all of your lovey messages, comments and emails!

We’ve got so may subscribers already and we are not even open yet!

- Thank you all !!!

As “requested” and promised to some of you - let me clarify that The Sustainable Kitchen will be on Church Street, next to Dominos (the old Chesterfield Pub).

Our passion for sustainability and having a beneficial effect on the environment will follow through the entire concept of the business. Logistically, this means strictly using renewable energy, environmentally assured packaging and processes which are carbon neutral and even better, CARBON NEGATIVE 🌱

The food offering will focus on locally grown and seasonal produce, showcasing the wonderful variety of British produce through out the year. Ethical and conscientious eating is the only way forward in our opinion, so yes, this means a fully plant-based menu. Fear not! As a professional chef and nutritionist, Rik has spent years tailoring plant based menus to suit the pallet of some of the most hardened meat eaters out there. 🙃

Did i mention that all the dishes will be freshly made and highly nutritious? 📊 For those of you who may be inclined to know more about your food, we will be providing the macronutrient content of each dish. Think slow release energy from unrefined carbohydrates, lean proteins, healthy fats and all that other stuff! We’re not mean, there may be a few “treat” items in there too. Balance is everything, right?🤓

”BUT WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN”?!? - we hear you ask. It means that you can come and have great food and drink and leave knowing that you have made a POSITIVE impact on yourself AND the environment. Leave all the research and stress to us. We love it! 😍

Now, as we have got this out of the way.😉 Let me get back to the original topic of this post - the site visit!!! Yeah!! So just before the official handover we had the “check” meeting to see how the work get progresses so far and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Here is a little peak at what we are planing to do with the place... (please excuse my scribbles, I‘m wanting to try to give you the feel of the place - the rest, at least for now, I will leave with your imagination☺️)

- What do you think? :) feel free to leave some suggestions.

Our Plan :

The Sustainable Kitchen Bingham - Plan
The Sustainable Kitchen - first insight


We are happy to confirm that everything is coming together! Maybe not at the speed we would both like, but taking into consideration the current uncertainty we are all facing, the "delay" is much understood and expected.

We have been informed of all of the challenges that the builders are facing, yet they do what they can to complete the project.

Believe us, when we say: it won't be long now, and we will update you all with any progress.

The Sustainable Kitchen Bingham
The Sustainable Kitchen - Decisions, decisions

As for now we've had confirmation that the site will be handed over to our team around the 6th of April 2022, so we can start the process of our gorgeous fit-out. How exciting is this??!! 🤩

For now, feel free to check out the pictures from the site visit and stay tuned, as we will be posting more!

Below I have linked our social accounts so feel free to follow and like - if you like 😉

Keep happy and healthy.

Rik & Tim

The Sustainable Kitchen

The Sustainable Kitchen - Rik de Raynor
The Sustainable Kitchen - Planning, sharing, directing

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