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The Press Release a new page.

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all good! We have just published a new page on our website for the press, so if any of you know any publishing institutions, feel free to send them a link :)

Below you’ll find an example: feel free to have a read and let us know what you think


For those reading this message on a mobile device and the above image print is too small, the above text is below:


Hi dear friends and neighbours of Nottinghamshire.

My name is Tim and I'm the Creative Director of the Sustainable Kitchen.

I'm here to tell you all about The Sustainable Kitchen and our founder - Rik, who’s actually cooking something delicious while I type this message - He's always cooking! But hey, that’s what we want right?

After being with him for years before and throughout the lockdown (which itself only seemed to double the years already mentioned), I found that it's best to just let him do what he loves - which is cooking delicious, nutritious meals.

The SK was born during those long lockdown days, when we all wondered what’s next and we all had so much time to spare. Rik and I planned what we could do once all of this was over - you know, to keep our minds occupied and to have something to look forward to. Something that would combine all of our life skills and passions. Something that could do a bit of good in the world.

Rik has over 20 years experience as a professional chef managing some of London’s top kitchens as well as a BSc (HONS) in Human Nutrition and is a fully qualified Nutritional Consultant.

Throughout our years together, I have lived in his world where genuinely nutritious food is done with exceptional taste and excitement. His approach to cooking has always encompassed the welfare of consumers and the planet. Guiding people to make their own healthier choices and understand diet myths is also one of his greatest strengths. Truly his love and passion for food and sustainability is simply addictive.

Why Sustainable you may ask? Well, we love and care about our dear planet and the welfare of animals! There can be so much misleading or contradictory advice on what we should or shouldn’t eat. The Sustainable Kitchen offers the most considerate of menus and through constant research into products and practices we are proud to offer a service that isn’t just Carbon Neutral, it’s Environmentally Positive.

Speaking of the animals, We are proud owners of our boy Rocco dog - no, not a Chihuahua as many tend to presume but a Miniature Pinscher, a (very) little cousin of the Doberman! You will surely have a chance to meet him as our place will be dog friendly - so bring your little friends with you, they are all welcome!

We both practice a plant based lifestyle. Not because we do not like the taste of meat, or want to go with the current trend, but simply because it is the sustainable way of living! We only have one planet, right?

Oh, and I need to tell you! We got engaged August last year! So subscribe, make friends and you may be invited to a “Gay” wedding, who knows….

What else can I say? I think I’ve touched on the most important points of who we are and what we do. At least for now. We are both so excited to welcome you to our sustainable, individual and unique place :) We simply can’t wait to share with you our passion for good food and drink!

Visit our site to pre-booked a table or if you wish to come over on our opening day on the 1st of August

2022 you are more than welcome!

Check our website & Blog at !

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Rik & Tim

The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham

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