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The Future of The SK - Bad News/Good News

Dearest Customers

Long before we opened the doors of The Sustainable Kitchen, our goal was to always provide the most sustainable, ethical and nutritious food with exceptional quality whilst working closely with other, top quality, ethical and local suppliers.

Our business was created entirely in mind of those who want to make better choices. Whether it be for personal health, the environment, ethics, dietary intolerances etc.

We wanted to create a space for those who want to do better.

One of the many reasons we chose to open in Bingham was to help Bingham Council’s Growth Project, which included having more “high end evening venues”. With over 20 years of experience working in high end Private Members clubs, we knew that this is something that we could truly excel at - providing an enjoyable experience where customers can feel genuinely confident that they’re making a positive difference, all whilst enjoying a small dose of luxury.

We poured our hearts and souls (and £150k) into creating our space and we have been absolutely blown away by the immediate success of The SK and especially all the love and support that we have been shown by all of our customers and local organisations who have recognised the passion and integrity behind everything we do. The reviews online speak for themselves!

In the 13 months that we have been open, we have been in discussions to have our The SK branded products made for major supermarket brands and we have been chosen out of 100,000’s of new business’ that opened last year to be 1 of 10 representatives across the nation for the government backed Start-Up Loans. Rik was also invited to join The East Midlands Chamber due to his experience and passion for sustainability , which is a huge honour!

Like a lot of business’ these past few years, we have had to navigate some seriously choppy waters and additional expenses. Ever since we opened, we’ve been holding out, month by month, to finally get confirmation of evening openings, especially as it would have entirely offset all the financial instabilities.

We were entirely shocked and disappointed when the opportunity to open in the evenings was taken away, despite letters of support and recommendation from the immediate local community, Rushcliffe Borough Council and our local MP. This has left as absolutely stunned immensely disappointed.

We are currently having to spend all our time and money with solicitors which is truly heartbreaking, so you’ll appreciate that I have to be very careful what I say :)

This does unfortunately mean that we will mostly be winding down the food offering in Bingham, but will continue to provide the highest quality Coffee Shop style offerings whilst helping you all to keep being sustainable.

We want to take this chance again to thank you all for the love and support. It really helps when dealing with the injustices in life. Sometimes, dealing with people can be a really difficult lesson but you never know when something far bigger and brighter may just be around the corner.

We believe in karma........

With that in mind, here is some AMAZING NEWS!!!!

You know how we keep saying that we literally only have the nicest, most amazing and decent customers?!?!?!?

Somewhat of a guardian angel has come to our aid and we have been given an amazing city centre location to launch a second site. The space is incredible!

As all of our time and money was spent in Bingham and is also being spent dealing with solicitors, we have opened a crowdfunding page to help us get set up with The Sustainable Kitchen - Nottingham City.

We will be opening the front of the property as The SK that you all know and love, but I’ll let you in on a secret!

The back half of the property will eventually be developed into a full kitchen, able to do deliveries and EVENING SERVICE with an intimate restaurant. The perfect size!

What’s that?!?!?! There’s MORE?!!?!

An ornate, cast iron staircase leads down to a stunning vaulted basement with access to the caves (we’ll probably be forbidden from giving tours though). Already sealed, warm and dry, we’re thinking of some serious “secret underground wine room” opulent, rustic yet classic.

The grandest part of all - The Sustainable Kitchen will also have it’s own produce grown locally on a private 88 acre, organic farm that specialises in the most sustainable and circular practices of land management.

More details will follow....

We have a survival plan that can be accomplished in stages, and an amazing amount of support from all the right places. The most important thing is to get the City SK open ASAP so please help by sharing our crowdfunding page as far and wide as possible. Especially to those who care about sustainability or just amazing food!

We exist to inspire people to make better choices for their health and for the planet whilst maintaining first class standards at affordable prices.

The Sustainable Kitchen is at the forefront of sustainability. We do it with integrity and love so help us to keep shining brightly and standing apart from the rest.

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Sep 21, 2023

If you do not turn the cave into a speakeasy with a password on the door I shall never forgive you (I shall forgive you and visit anyway)


Dash Vegan
Dash Vegan
Sep 21, 2023

What a shame to hear that things can't progress to evening service in Bingham! You have poured so much into that venue. But a new location is VERY exciting! You have our full backing (and love!) Sam & Ryan at Dash Vegan

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