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Summer Menu is Back!

New month, new menu!

June is here and you’ll all (hopefully), be glad to hear that our salad bar is back! I for one, am ECSTATIC! I’ll be eating gooooood for the foreseeable and living my best salad loving life.

Enough about how happy I am. Let me tell you all about our brand new, summery, nutritious menu. Please get comfortable because I have arguably written too much.

Firstly, sandwiches are back! In May, we said goodbye to the OAP on the menu, the Chicken Caesar Sandwich and it is now a salad! YAY! Saucy, crunchy goodness, filled with cos lettuce, ciabatta croutons, crispy capers, “parmesan”, red onion, parsley, homemade seitan chicken marinated in garlic and thyme and a rasher of crispy streaky bacon on top. DELICIOUS.

I may or may not have just got distracted with a salad already when I was meant to be talking about sandwiches, but that is just the kind of person that I am. Something to note too, whenever I mention any form of meaty or cheesy words- I always mean a plant based alternative. That’s what we’re all about here at The SK.

The New York Reuben sandwich remains! Big sigh of relief for you all I’m sure. Our big, meaty sandwich is a top seller- filled with Faux Butcher’s sweet and peppery pastrami, sauerkraut, homemade Russian dressing and cheese slices, on a toasted white bloomer and served with a dill pickle. A real staple on our menu at the moment!

The following sandwiches have returned and it takes us back to when we opened our doors in August last year- they’ve just been improved!

Blue Cheese: The creamiest, nut based (protein goals ;)), Honestly Tasty blue cheese served in a crusty artisan baguette with toasted walnuts, Barlows of Belvoir onion chutney, rocket and red grapes.

Brie: served also on crusty baguette with 12-hour confit tomatoes and purple basil sprouts. Simple but brie-lliant. Does that work? I’m going with it.

Charred Mediterranean Vegetables: served on fresh focaccia with hummus, toasted pine nuts and lemon dressed rocket.

All sandwiches now come with a small side salad of your choice too !!! :)

As mentioned, we have the Chicken Caesar salad and 3 new/returns in our deli fridge on display for you to try.

We have:

  • New Potato, Samphire and Asparagus salad made with a creme fraiche and lemon dressing, chives and spring onion.

  • Greek Salad (my absolute favourite return): with watermelon, smoked almonds, olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion and feta. Refreshing!

  • Spiced cauliflower, apricot and toasted almond: with brown rice, coriander, red onion, spinach, red chili and lemon dressing.

You can get a large salad bowl and mix and match 2/3 salads together, or a small salad.

All prices are below on the menu’s :)

Our signature sausage roll now comes with a small side salad, as does the new tart: Summer squash and courgette- with a nut based cheddar cheese, mint pesto, pine nuts and pea shoots.

AND LAST, BUT NOT LEAST !!!! Our summer specials!!!

Our summer specials!

The Hot Dog: in bold because it is exciting.

A plant based hotdog, in a brioche bun covered with fried onions, gherkins, sauerkraut, charred peppers, crispy onions, mustard mayo and homemade ketchup. Think, a day out at a theme park in the sun, but BETTER.

And… our burrito has stripped off and become a burrito bowl. Naked.

And there we have it. Just a short blog post. Tim asked me to write about the new menu and I took it VERY literally. I hope you have all enjoyed how overly detailed I have been.

See you soon at The SK for the summery goodness!!!! Ignore the grey skies outside at the moment, I’ll put the heater on and we can all pretend we’re abroad, eating salads and drinking Aperol Spritz. The dream x

- Mols :)

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