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Start earning leaves with us!

Hey guys!

You asked for it and here it is!

Me and Tim have been working (endlessly it feels like ;)) on a new loyalty scheme today for customers! It’s all done digitally and works by entering your mobile number on the till after you've paid and put whether or not you want a receipt. Alternatively, there is a QR code or a link button below to register with- if you would prefer to do before you come in. 🍃When you do come in, find the leaves around the cafe (the same ones that we are pictured with), take a photo, post it on your Instagram story/feed and tag us and we will reward you with 10 leaves instantly! Boom! 💥

Once you have input your mobile number, you will receive a welcome text and a link to see your rewards/the offers we have.

Molie & Tim - The SK
Molie & Tim - The SK

Points/stars are boring and not us, SO, I have changed the system to “leaf/leaves” to match our sustainability theme and thought it was cute that you can collect leaves and we can use a plant/tree metaphor. Eco theme. I love it. We're also looking into planting trees with your rewards, should you choose this. Stay tuned.

As it stands, we have created it so that 5 pounds spent in one transaction earns you 1 leaf, 2 leaves for 10 pound etc. I have created 4 reward options. We are still thinking of new rewards and offers every day so new ones might be introduced soon. Keep an eye out and if you have any ideas- you know where to find me :)

- Mols🍃

Mollie & Tim - The SK
Mollie & Tim - The SK

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