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Hello everyone & happy Monday!

As some of you may have noticed (passing by our humble establishment), we have taken down the blind piece of wood and stuck it on a sign for you.

This is because we have nothing to hide! We want to take you with us as we develop the site - We want our Bingham neighbours to see the progress and be involved in our excitement!

We feel that this is as much your adventure as it is ours 😃

Yesterday Rik travelled around local Nottinghamshire suppliers of reclaimed wood - to find a sustainable way to build unique tables to showcase the beauty of nature. With every step and decision we make, we check how much impact this will have on our environment.

The Sustainable Kitchen
The Sustainable Kitchen

This week (rumor has it), we will be having the floor prepared for fitting! We have already started looking for greenery and furniture for the outside area ☺️

So, our dear friends and neighbours, stay tuned - there's more coming!

In the meantime, why don't you follow us on Tik-Tok? I'm doing my best to learn how this "new" social platform works in order to keep all of you up to date - as I understand that not everyone likes to read 😉

Therefore, in your free time, check the last update regarding this post below or on our tik-tok account 👉🏽


Thanks, keep safe 😃

Tim xxx

Creative Director

The Sustainable Kitchen

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Julie Hamilton
Julie Hamilton
31 мая 2022 г.

very exciting! are you going to be having one of Holly Oughton's fabulous living walls?!?!

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