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Plant Based World Conference & Expo 2022

Rik & Tim - The Sustainable Kitchen
Tim&Rik - The Sustainable Kitchen

Hello everyone! Hope that our short blog post finds you well!

Rik & I were ever so busy this week! Travelling all the way to London to the Plant Based World Expo and Conference, what an experience that was!

We had an amazing time! We could not only see but taste new adventurous plant-based dishes!

New Vegan “meats” and improved recipes.

What really caught our eye was the Plant based Salmon - made of soy, beens and sea weed!

We could not believe how close it tasted to the real thing!🤯



We had the great privilege of meeting many national and international names in the food industry - sharing ideas, listening to talks and making many contacts.

Our highlights were meeting Derek Sarno - Chef and co-founder of Wicked Kitchen, Henry & Ian from BOSH!, The Honestly tasty “gang” and Rik‘s old fellow co-Chef, Stu Henshall (who Rik used to work with in London & is now the Executive Chef for the Quorn company & Cauldron) & Damoy Robertson - Project Lead from the Plant Based World Pulse.

Martin Jordan - Gordon Ramsay Lookalike / Impersonator who actually works from time to time for Mr. Gordon himself! and last but not least Ian Bailey Country Manager UK & Ireland for Verdino.


You may wonder why the plant based conference was all about fake meats?

- Why don’t vegan people just eat vegetables?

We felt as though the exhibition was very heavily focused on synthetic meats. Nowhere was there any mention of the general scientific advice that it should be consumed only once per week due to it being heavily processed. It seemed a little biased when there is such diversity in a nutritious plant based diet.

Some vegans are rather repulsed by the notion of eating synthetic eats, especially as they're being developed with rapidly more sophisticated methods. However, with accelerating knowledge about the state of the environment, a lot of people are making an effort to reduce their meat consumption and synthetic meats have been shown to be a great "stepping stone" towards moving toward a more sustainable diet.

The planet is in a very fragile state, in fact it may be too late for us to reverse the damage done. One thing's for sure, changing our eating habits would be an enormous step toward the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases.

We, as The Sustainable Kitchen, exist not only out of our passion for food and nutrition, but also for the care and love for our planet earth.

We simply offer alternative dining without the compromise on tased or quality = Win-Win 🥳

When you eat or drink with us you make a positive impact on the environment - You make a positive change.

Thank you for diving in to our little report form the Worlds plant based expo and conference!

All the best to you and Happy Christmas!

Rik & Tim

The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham

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