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Our Website Is Now Live!

Hello everyone!! Hope that this post find you all well..

Just a quick update!!

Rik & I are exited to let you know that our website is now live!!

You can check the “about Rik” section to find out what magic he is capable of before you come and visit and enjoy the amazing food,

At the moment Rik is ”polishing“ the Menu - Keep your eyes open, as we will be able to share it all with you soon!

We believe our hard work and dedication for The SK is good reason to celebrate and could not find a better place to do so but our local Pub - The Plough in Cropwell Butler. After having ordered our G&T ’s at table number 3, we pressed “Publish”!!! 🥳🎉

We are one step closer to successfully launch in Bingham! This week we already have so much planed as things are starting to move faster then ever! As always stay tuned as we are planning to make some live online updates for you.

Stay Safe!

all the best to you all 😃

Tim x

Creative Director | The SK

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