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🖥 Our Square Till Has Arrived! 😃

Hello everyone!

I know, silly us, a post regarding our new till - but at this point, while “our men“ are getting the place ready for us, we are exited about anything to do with The SK.

And why wouldn’t you be? - our first business, adventure as a couple, also an opportunity that soon we will be able to share with you our passion - food.

We are literally counting the days till we open - so much is happening behind the closed doors of the Sustainable Kitchen, but the next post will be all about the progress in last few weeks - and you can see all the progress.

Rik & Tim - The Sustainable Kitchen and square
Rik & Tim - The Sustainable Kitchen and square

The Sustainable Kitchen - front door
The Sustainable Kitchen - front door

Btw, Have you passed by and seen our lovely welcome display? We can‘t wait to show you what is happening behind them!

Since we have posted this window welcome display ad, we have gained over 200 subscribers! Also, we have received many lovely messages and even queries about joining our team - Thank you so much for showing so much interest in a sustainable way of living!

We are still on track to open on the 1st of August despite many, and I mean, many obstacles - let me tell you, it is not easy but really exciting and ever so rewarding, especially while seeing your lovely emails.

Stay safe and Sustainable as much as you can

Rik & Tim

The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham

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