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Meet Zuza!

Hello, dear neighbours and friends!

How is the weather treating you? Hope you are all well and coped with the hot, HOT weather! 🥵

I‘m here to share with you some ever-so-exciting news! We are happy to let you know that we have a new team member!

Meet Zuza! Vegan food lover and whose talents don’t stop surprising us! We truly believe she will be an amazing addition to our small team. Zuza, we warmly welcome you as a Manager and we are wishing you all the success working at The Sustainable Kitchen!😊🥂



Zuza‘s biggest hobby, from a young age (after food and plant based dishes😉) is photography. As a young girl, she loved spending her time with friends, enjoying the beauty of nature, especially in the Mazury Region in Poland and capturing its beauty in pictures.

Yes, that love of nature has prompted her to a more sustainable way of being and has became a (what Rik & I like to call her ) “a plant based beauty“🙃

As a young girl, she found herself drawn to film and photography, with classics such as ‘12 Angry Men’, ‘The Breakfast Club’ and Tarantino‘s ‘Jackie Brown’ influencing her to move to the U.K to study Film and Production Technology, completing her degree in 2019.

Zuza - Signing contract with The SK
Zuza - Signing the contract for The SK

While studying, Zuza worked in hospitality in Nottingham city centre where she gained all the skills and passion for food and coffee and developed a new hobby by becomming a professional barista.

Still, she has been actively looking for opportunity to mix her passion of social content,film making with her passion for hospitality and sustainably.


So… guess who she then contacted….☺️

Once we spoke with Zuza, we very quickly realised that she will be a perfect fit for our little business.

I mean, what a perfect combination! Getting to do what you love whilst working. Taking pictures of our dishes, marketing Tiktok, film making and having face to face contact with the public - our dear Bingham citizens! 😃

Zuza is joining The SK as the Cafe/social media manager to take some of mine responsibilities and share the load of creating the content and we love to have her!

Zaza Peliak - The SK Manager
Zuzanna Peliak - The SK Manager

Rik and I have been working for others all our lives, therefore, we are committed to making our employees feel like a part of our family and offer as much as we can as a business.

We believe in one simple rule:

“look after your staff and they will look after your customers“

We are dedicated to that rule!

Dear Bingham please welcome our new team member but most importantly our new The SK family member!

If you wish to contact her and congratulate her personally, here is her email:

Stay safe and Sustainable as much as you can..

We can‘t wait to welcome you on the 1st of August 2022!

Tim xx

The SK, Creative Director.

The SK Family - Rik, Tim, Zuza, Rocco & Oscar
The SK Family - Rik, Tim, Zuza, Rocco & Oscar

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