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Homemade Mulled Wine!!

Hi Bingham! It‘s Bonfire Night time!

Why don’t you pop by and treat yourself to our home made Mulled Wine! Our Mulled Wine is mulled long and slow (to maintain the booze) and enriched with Port, Winter Spice, Vanilla and Fresh Orange Slices, the ideal fireside drink for the Bonfire Night.

We also have our home made Hot Chocolate, made with 75% Dark Chocolate, Raw Cacao and ultra creamy Organic Oat Milk. We’ve sexed it up even further with Whipped Cream and Flame Toasted Marshmallows. All totally Plant Based, decadent and delicious!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 😉😜

For this event we will be open today for Take-away mulled wine and hot chocolate until 8pm today!

See you at The SK!

Rik, Zuza & Tim

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