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Hi there, Bingham!

Updated: May 31, 2022

Our first ever post! I thought - let me write a little bit about the two of us. You know... to officially introduce ourselves to all of you dear B citizens 😉

My name is Tim and I'm the Creative Director of the Sustainable Kitchen. My responsibly was to build and to run this very website. design the Logo you see up above, create the content - take and edit all of the pictures and to keep an eye on all the social media and advertising. (I do all of this for free as a hobby, as I have been unwell for so long, this gives me reason to get up - gives me structure, helps me to get back to normal, little by little - but this post is not about me so lets come back to the hi, hello - shall we?)

Because of the above you will probably hear from me on here more often than from Rik - I hope you don't mind :) I mean he is in the kitchen as I'm writing this post and believe me, after being with him for those years and throughout the lockdown ( which itself only doubles the years already mentioned ) I found that it's best to just let him do what he loves - which is cooking delicious, nutritious meals. With over 20 years experience as a professional chef managing some of London’s most prestigious kitchens AND that he has a BSc (HONS) in Human Nutrition and is a fully qualified Nutritional Consultant - you know you’ll be getting great food.

Truly his love and passion for food and sustainability is simply addictive. Why Sustainable you may ask? Well, we love and care about our dear planet and the welfare of animals! There can be so much misleading or contradictory advice on things we should or shouldn’t eat. The Sustainable Kitchen offers the most considerate of menus and through constant research into products and practices we are proud to offer a service that isn’t just Carbon Negative, it’s Environmentally Positive.

Tim & Rik
Me & Rik

Speaking of the animals…. We are proud owners of our baby boy Rocco dog - no, not a Chihuahua as many tend to presume but a Miniature Pinscher, a (very) little cousin of the Doberman! Please see the pictures below. Yes - a few pictures (I just could not single out one picture of him ) He’s such a character!

I’m sure once you see pictures below, he will become another reason to come and see us, am I right? I mean good food, good company - what else could you ask for :)

We both practice a plant based lifestyle. Not because we do not like meat, or want to go with the current trend 😏 but simply because it is the sustainable way of living!

Oh, and please don’t take me wrong, sustainably is our number one priority so don’t expect to see much Soya or Avocado on the menu.

We love to learn new things and we do what we can do help the planet.

Oh and I need to tell you! We got engaged August last year! So subscribe, make friends and you may be invited for a wedding, who knows… ☺️

What else can I say? I think I’ve touched on the most important points of who we are and what we do - at least for this first post We are both so exited to welcome you soon to our sustainable, individual and unique place :) we simply can’t wait to share with you our passion for good food and drink!

But for now, subscribe for more updates like this to not miss out on the invite for our grand opening 😜

Stay safe!

Caio for now…


Creative Director

The Sustainable Kitchen

The Sustainable Kitchen - Art
The Sustainable Kitchen - Art by Tim Novak

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What a wonderful venture Tim and & Rik (with support from Rocco obviously!) Wishing you every success. I have subscribed. Claire xx


Congratulations on your new ventures together and wishing you lots of luck. We will definitely be paying you a visit

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