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Help to save The SK

The Sustainable Kitchen is a highly regarded and successful business, based entirely on sustainably and ethically made nutritious offerings. In the year that we have been open, we have received huge acclaim and recognition, with nothing but fantastic reviews online.

Our goal is to showcase the best of sustainable produce and to inspire and help people to reduce their meat and dairy consumption, whether for personal health, the environment or a plethora of other reasons. We created a space where our customers can enjoy a bit of luxury whilst comfortable in the knowledge that they’re making a positive change.

A fantastic opportunity has presented itself to bring our unique concept to Nottingham City Centre. We have been offered the space by a generous customer who loves what we do but we need a little support for the initial fit out and equipment. We will then be able to start getting back to doing the incredible food that we have become known for.

Rik de Raynor - Head Chef, Nutritionist & CEO
Rik de Raynor - Head Chef, Nutritionist & CEO

We will have our own produce grown in an 88 acre Organic farm that’s managed using some of the most sustainable practices and as always, we only source the highest quality produce from local producers and small independent businesses.

Operating a business as sustainably as possible does come with higher operating costs and opening in crazy, post-covid time also cost us double the money we expected.

We’ve successfully navigated some serious price fluctuations throughout the year but we were always expecting to open in the evenings for the business model to work. The last of our money had to go to solicitors as we were so shocked by the decision. This is still ongoing.

This essentially means that The SK was never able to adapt it's operations so will likely close unless we can get the City Centre up and running within a few weeks And that’s where we really need your help.

If we can get open in the city, we will not only be able to SAVE The SK but also bring the Bingham Kitchen back to the glory that's made us so popular.

If we succeed with the City location, we will then be developing the rear

half of the property into a Restaurant with Wine cellar further adding to our unique offering of Sustainability and Style. The future is potentially incredibly bright but unfortunately, all of our resources went into Bingham, which has now been crippled.

. There are already investors interested in helping us take this next step, but only once The SK is back on its feet.

It really is a literal “make or break” situation and time is of the essence.

Please share our crowdfunding page as far and wide to any who may be interested in helping to save such a well adored business and making sustainable choices more available across Nottinghamshire.

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