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Exciting SK announcement

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!

We have some exciting news here at The SK regarding the job vacancy we had open for the role of a supervisor.

We received so many applications and were so impressed and truly flattered that so many of you wanted to join us and be a part of the team 🫶🏼

We decided ultimately, following an outstanding (confident and hilarious) application and the hard work demonstrated whilst me and Rik were off sick; to promote internally and reward the role to our very own, Mollie. You will have definitely met her if you have come in to the restaurant, she’s the friendly, bubbly and chaotic blonde running around the floor and making sure everyone is happy.

Mollie Curtis - The SK’ Supervisor
Mollie Curtis - The SK’ Supervisor

Here is the answers for few of the job application questions:

How do you think you could contribute to a sustainable business?

A side note, I walk to work when I could very easily drive. I believe in your business and what you guys are doing, I am enthusiastic about plant-based alternatives and feel comfortable in advising them to our customers and promising quality because I believe in them. I am confident in speaking about why we are dairy/animal product free, why we don’t serve “normal” milk and it is a mission for a more sustainable future.

A future that will only happen if we make changes like this.

From a business point of view, hiring me would be a sustainable option as I am already a team member and the skills I have already learnt on the job are transferrable to this role and by developing and upskilling me; you are guaranteed my engagement, enthusiasm and you have equipped me with what is needed to support the business evolving and sustaining. *Mic drop*. As a supervisor, I would be looking to help the business go from carbon neutral to carbon negative and will be bringing ideas and looking for ways for us to be more sustainable. I love this journey for us.

Why are you the best candidate for the job?

I am the best candidate for the job because I feel confident and happy in carrying out the responsibilities of the role. I enjoy guiding and training others and have experience in this from my last job.

I trained my replacement and ensured that they were happy and comfortable with each new task before continuing. I am friendly and patient and believe myself to be a competent teacher and enjoy helping others develop. I am a proactive individual with the company’s profits and growth in mind, I am always happy to go the extra mile for the business and I’m excited to be part of its success.

I am reliable, always happy to help you both with whatever you need, whether it be admin or on the floor. I use my initiative and will meet/exceed all expectations you have of me. I am also a fast learner and eager to take on more responsibilities. Also, I am professional and am working hard to further this. I am well versed in using social media and excited to be part of the creative team.

I enjoy creating content, making videos and promotional material for the business. I find great joy in speaking to customers and creating engagement via social media platforms and would feel confident in being part of this team.

I think on my feet and can resolve problems quickly. I am a good communicator, friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate about good customer service. I want to ensure that everybody who enters the SK has a positive experience and wants to come back time and time again, after telling their friends and family all about us.

I have worked as a Team Member for 6 months here and have had different responsibilities passed on to me which I feel comfortable with and enjoy being trusted more. I am challenging myself, proving myself, I believe, and feel certain that supervisor is the next step for me. I know how the business runs, I know what you both are looking for and I have a good relationship with all the members of staff. I will also make a conscious effort to be quieter when I speak. I promise. I am trying. In fact, I whispered this entire sentence. To quote another icon; “One must champion oneself and say, I am ready for this.” – Moira Rose.


Here are few words from Mollie herself :

Hey everyone reading! I’m Mollie (preferably Mols but will answer to anything).

I’ve been vegan for 3 years now and can’t say I have any regrets. It’s truly the best thing I have ever done. I love animals. I don’t believe that they should suffer for us. They don’t need to. We can survive on a vegan diet, I am healthier than I’ve ever been and I am happier knowing that what I eat hasn’t endured an unhappy life filled with fear and pain. I am also vegan for the environment- the world is our home and we only have one and we should protect our planet whilst we can.

I messaged The SK originally back in March 2021 (haha) when I found out that the old Chesterfield was going to be turned into a vegan cafe. I thought, this is so PERFECT. I wasn’t moving until May when my contract at the Covid Test Centre was over but I was determined to work here so I did some digging and found Rik’s email and sent over my CV and cover letter. I then messaged on Instagram and potentially reached harassment territory. I interviewed in August once they had opened and started properly in September (because I was gallivanting around Europe hehe, sorry guys🤪) But!!! Look at me now!! Supervising and whatnot. Iconic.

I wanted to work at The SK because first and foremost, I agree with their ethos and what they aim to do. I love the mission they have to be a sustainable business (I walk to work. I’m a hero. Such a treacherous commute) to be carbon negative and to bring a vegan business to a small town and invite people in to show the variety of food we can offer. We are making a difference and I feel confident in our businesses future. I’m excited and proud to be a part of it. We’re doing amazingly well and getting increasingly more popular everyday. I love it for us.

Time for me to overshare and tell you random things about me. Let’s do this: I moved to Bingham in May ‘22 to move in with my boyfriend, Liam, who I met at Vegan Camp Out festival in Newark back in 2021. When you know, you know, right? Or something like that 🤪

I’m from Maidstone, Kent originally but I like Bingham. It’s cute! Different to what I know and I miss my family (mainly nephew oops and the close beaches) but I am really enjoying work and a new fun, loved up life. 2 year ago me could never imagine this. I also get my dog fix at work which I looooove. If you bring in your dog, I’m the one sat on the floor with them, treats in hand. Sorry, not sorry. I love them.

My favourite animal is a pig- they’re so cuddly and cute. I love all things colourful and wild- anything hippie and bohemian?? Sign me up. Country music is my go to listening/sing in the car. I enjoy the gym. I love to travel. Greece is my favourite place in the world (for now) but I dream of exploring it all. One day. I live to have fun and make memories. My dream is my own vegan cafe somewhere that’s filled with fairy lights and tapestries and has a piggy sanctuary out the back. I think that’s enough about me for now. This is sounding a bit like an “about me” section on a CV. I can’t think of anything really that interesting I’m afraid. If there’s anything specific you are desperate to know, let me know! Come in for a coffee ☕️ 🫶🏼 I promise to make the milk art somewhat leafy, or if it goes wrong, a smiley face :)

- Mols 🌻🌿🐷


What else could I add!?

“Welcome” to The SK team, Mollie!

You have truly deserved the role! We are so lucky to have you!

- Thank you for all you do!

Rik & Tim 🌱

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