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Decisions, Decisions …

Hello everyone, we hope that this post finds you all well!

We are officially entering the busiest time of our lives! We have never made so many decisions in the space of 24h! Everything has to go through Rik's hands, although, he’s given me the live/moss wall to oversee and I couldn’t be more excited.

Even though we are swamped with work, we enjoy it!

What helps us feel so fulfilled in our hard work is the positive feedback from you all! We both love to sit down after a long day and read all the lovely messages, emails and comments! - We can't wait to meet you all!

Now, let me share with you the last few weeks.

We have been busy choosing everything from the flooring, lights, and seating area fabrics. I will not bore you with the details, but I will attach a few pictures for you to see what I mean ☺️

In one of the pictures, you will be able to meet a few members of the team; Rik - the MD and founder & Jacques the site manager.

Rik de Raynor, the MD & Jxy, Site Manager
Rik de Raynor, the MD & Jxy, Site Manager

I have also been involved in creating a 3D design for our outside signage that I hope you all will be able to see soon; then, I had to pass all the information to our site manager and the local authority for approval.

Tim Novak - Creative Director
Tim Novak - Creative Director

Believe me, things like that take so much time with all the decisions and paperwork. Rik and I can't wait to write about the actual dishes we will be serving you! I mean, that's what this is all about!

However, Rik has confirmed that the menu is completed and I can't wait to write about each dish in the upcoming posts. Don't blame me if you get hungry each time you read the food blogs, - this could be the side effect. 😃

Also, I'm happy to confirm that we will be opening in July 2022 - I can't give you the exact date yet, but watch for the update as it's coming soon.

Stay safe and as always, as sustainable as you can.


Creative Director

The SK

Please see the videos & pictures attached bellow

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