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Christ-Moss Tree

Hi Everyone!

Have you visited us recently? Have you seen our new beautiful gift from the angels at Ought2?

The Christ-Moss tree is 100% sustainable, made in the UK and it's a great way to have a Christmas tree without affecting the planet. (Fun Fact: On average, it takes 1 year to grow each foot of a live tree - which is then cut and killed. 🤯😔)

and the plastic trees are simply the devil 😅

Our Sustainable Ought2 Christmas tree is wooden framed and can be painted in any colour🥰.

The moss is preserved and lasts for an average of 10 years. It also comes apart to store flat.

Other features include:

- Lights change to any colour.🎄

- Can be double sided moss.

- Can come in different sizes.

It's neither living nor dead like normal moss walls and just needs misting occasionally.

Don‘t forget to check our video all about the tree below.

What else to say? - Make a positive change and order your Christ-moss tree for the next year now!😃🎄

- Tim xxx

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