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15th Of August! Kitchen’s Open!

Hi there everyone!

We are so happy to confirm that we are open for business from Monday the 15th of August

and what I mean by that is that we can finally cook for you!!

We’ve been waiting for this for soooooooo long and we cannot wait to spoil you and finally provide the full service as originally intended! 😃

Thank you so much for your patience and the support you have given us since we opened our doors.

We have received so many thoughtful cards. We are truly touched:


If you haven’t yet had a chance to see our menu, simply click on the button below:

We are also happy to let you know that our booking system is now up and running!

If you wonder how to book, I have created a little video for you to help with that.

If you get stuck at any point you know where to find us, or just click here and we’ll be happy to assist.

What else can we say? See you on 15th! We hope you enjoy your visit!

Rik & Tim

The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham

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1 Comment

Vanna Grant
Vanna Grant
Aug 12, 2022

Wishing you every success launching your food Menu on Monday carn't wait to try it.

Vanna 😋

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