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1 year of The SK!

Happy anniversary to us! It’s been a year since we opened our doors to Bingham and welcomed you all in to our world of ethical, plant based and sustainable dining.

What a year it has been! As many of you are aware, we were delayed when opening due to deliveries and contractors and then a further 2 weeks until we could serve you all our delicious food. HOWEVER, since then, it’s been full steam ahead and we have put our heart and soul into delivering the best service, stunning and ethical food and a great atmosphere.

We are so so grateful to each and every one of our customers who comes in and supports us as a new, independent and growing business. Without all of you we wouldn’t be able to do what we love everyday and make the world a more sustainable place. Your kind words to us, spreading the word to your friends and family and supporting us on social media means more than we can ever express. We read every single review that we receive, share it with our team and take so much pride in what we do. We know that some of you travel far and out of your way to come to The SK which is so humbling and we are so happy to meet you all and chat about what we do. We love you all, thank you always.

We currently have the rating of 4.9 stars on Google Reviews which is just incredible.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who goes out of their way to say such kind words about us. It really does make a difference and brings in more customers.


We have achieved more than we could ever imagine within our first year and feel so very fortunate to have been given the opportunities that we have and appreciate everyone who wants to see us grow and succeed. We have been featured on BBC Radio Nottingham, ITV News and attended workshops and markets. Iconic.

We would also like to thank our amazing and hard working team of staff for all that they do for us- they go above and beyond to ensure that our standards are high and that our customers are happy. We are so lucky to have the team that we do and the enthusiasm that they hold!!

We have such big dreams as a business and are looking at our future all the time with exciting plans on the horizon so please keep up to date with us and follow us on our journey. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we are on a mission to encourage everyone to put more thought into what they are consuming and their impact on the environment.

To celebrate this achievement of being a small business that is surviving and thriving a year on, we would like to offer all of you (18+ sorry guys ;)), a complimentary glass of Prosecco (or kombucha for those who dislike Prosecco like me), when you order a main meal with us between the dates of 02/08/2023-06/08/2023. Please mention our 1st birthday to us when ordering at the till and we will add on your celebratory drink to your order.

- The SK Team xxx

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1 Comment

When I stumbled across The SK on a rainy Saturday I couldn’t believe what a jewel of a place I had found.

A must for all who appreciate good food,

and care about our wonderful planet.

The passion for all things good emanates from the moment you arrive, from the food the decor and the super friendly attentive staff. A visit to SK kitchen is something for your diary, on repeat !

Moira 🌾🌎

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